For International Day of Yoga, we invite you to participate in a breathing practice with Vicky, Orri’s Yoga Therapist.

We invite you to take a moment to to connect with yourself and your breath, as we celebrate International Day of Yoga. Can you spare 1 minute of your day to join us?


Get comfortable, keep grounded and let’s breathe, together…

Yoga and body-based approaches in eating disorder recovery

Yoga is a low-impact exercise, and has been proven to lower stress hormones in our bodies. It can help lower our fight, flight or freeze responses by activating our parasympathetic nervous system (we speak about stress and our bodies more in our blog). People with eating disorders can struggle to connect with their bodies in the present.

At Orri, we create a safe space for our clients to find and nurture that re-connection once more. Body-Based Therapy involves both talking and mind-body exercises.

Our body-based approaches provide an opportunity for emotional self-regulation through the unification of the mind and body. Specifically in yoga sessions, our clients are given an opportunity to connect to the body through movement and breath.

“I believe that yoga is for everybody. For me, yoga is a practice that supports and develops our embodiment. As we develop our embodiment, we also develop our agency, intuition and authority on our body – something that I know to be vital to our wellbeing; physically, emotionally and spiritually. My intention is to support your ability to listen to the feedback you receive from your body both on and off the mat.” Pippa Richardson, Orri’s Yoga & Body Awareness Therapist

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