Feeling anxious? We have a gentle breathing exercise for you, led by Vicky, Orri’s Yoga Therapist. 

The path of eating disorder recovery asks us to become aware of our internal experiences; our thoughts, our beliefs, our emotions and how these inform our actions, behaviours and relationships in day-to-day life.

When we start to become attentive to our inner landscape, we might begin to experience emotions that are uncomfortable or that we are used to labelling as ‘bad’, such as anxiety for example. A natural (and in some cases necessary) response is to resist or ‘shut down’ emotions that leave us feeling overwhelmed.

Becoming aware of this and finding practices that reduce our resistance and increase our ability to ‘feel our feelings’ is an essential component to recovery, and ultimately, helps us to relate to our bodies in a way that feels more easeful and compassionate. Identifying where an emotion is ‘located’ in the body can help us to make sense of it and reduce overwhelm. This is where grounding and breathing exercises are handy – as they allow you the opportunity to carry out an internal body scan, return to your breath and to ‘just be’ with yourself, as you are in that very moment, without judgement.

Whatever your current circumstance: be it feeling overwhelmed by work, feeling frustrated with your recovery, or feeling anxious about receiving your exam results, you are welcome to pause and sit with us as we take you through a guided breathing practise. You are welcome here, however you show up.


Sit yourself in a safe and calming environment. Lower your gaze and listen…

Acknowledge that, despite how impossible and indefinite your anxiety may feel today, it is impermanent and you have control and you can train yourself to think in different ways. People with eating disorders often say, “I got myself into this, so I can get myself out of this” and in a way, this is correct! You have the power to rework patterns of thought and to find a balance for how you want to experience your world.

Our takeaway for you – give your anxiety room to breathe and dissipate – you don’t need to hold onto anything that isn’t serving you today, or ever.

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