Blend Programme

We’re a Specialist Day Treatment service for eating disorders, providing outstanding treatment with kindness and compassion at the core.

Our Blend Programme – a mix of our in person and online treatment – is a unique programme for eating disorder recovery.

By moving between in person and online support, individuals can to take Orri home with them, nurturing autonomy in key aspects of the recovery journey.

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Who is it for?

Our online treatment can be attended as either full days (9:30am – 5:30pm) or as half days (mornings or afternoons).

As such, the Blend Programme is ideal for individuals who:

  • Need flexibility during the week in terms of locations and/or schedule
  • Want to nurture autonomy in areas such as routine and meal preparation
  • Are considering ‘stepping down’ from intensive support

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Start your recovery journey today.

Orri is without a doubt the best Eating Disorder recovery treatment model/facility I have ever encountered. After a long battle with my Eating Disorder, having tried many types of therapy, hospital stays and therapists across the country I had all but lost hope of every recovering. Until I found Orri.

In Person Client

I found Orri at a critical time when I could have easily gone into the depths of my eating disorder. I feel so incredibly privileged and grateful to have been fortunate enough to have treatment at Orri. The approach everyone takes is so different to any other treatment I have had before.

Online Client

Meeting you where you are

At the heart of the Orri team is the belief that recovery is possible for all.

Both in person and online programmes are delivered face-to-face by experts in the eating disorder field.

Our approach

Eating disorders impact all areas of our lives. As such, our treatment exists to treat the whole person – mind and body – for long-term, sustainable recovery.

For each client, we take a personalised and stepped approach to treatment so that every person’s programme is appropriate for their needs and evolves with them over time.

Each programme provides individual therapy, group therapy, meal and snack support, body-based approaches, occupational therapy and dietetic support.

Clients receive ‘wrap-around’ care that treats all aspects of the eating disorder.

“Remember, however hard it feels or however long it takes, recovery is possible.”

0203 918 6340

We’ll take it step-by-step, at your pace.

Rated ‘outstanding‘ by the Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission is the independent regulator of all health and social care services.

Being rated ‘outstanding’ puts Orri in the top 1% of all Mental Health organisations in the UK:

“People’s needs were central to everything the staff and management did, which has resulted in an outstanding service. It is an excellent example to other providers who should look to learn from this report.” – Helen Rawlings, CQC’s Head of Inspection