Growing up they always taught us
Spread kindness wherever you are
Support those battling hardships
Send love to those afar

Don’t forget please and thank you
Let that gentleman have your seat
Hold the door open for a passer-by
With a smile you must always greet

Lend an ear to a troubled friend
Raise money for charity
Offer to walk your neighbour’s dog
Spread love through humanity

Growing up they always taught us
Be kind in whatever you do
But one thing they never taught us
Is to be kind to ourselves too

For just like those around us
A precious soul we each possess
And it yearns to be nurtured daily
Through our love and gentleness

We each have the power within us
To spread kindness across land and sea
But the kindness we show towards ourselves
Is the kindness that will set us free

Thank you to our amazing clients for their resilience, strength and bravery to choose recovery with us every day.

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