Maxine Jones, Service Director

Maxine Jones is Orri’s Service Director.

She has been working with eating disorders for 25 years as a qualified Psychotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Higher Education Teacher. She has 22 years’ experience of managing eating disorder teams within in-patient, day-patient, and outpatient settings.

Whilst working with inpatient services, Maxine recognised the need for specialist training within teams; particularly exploring the complex often rigid dynamics than can occur between teams and clients. Maxine developed a six-month course which she taught across nine hospital sites. The course was audited and recognised by Brighton University and she further developed a trainer course.

Maxine describes how clients have taught her to understand the function of an eating disorder and through her integrated approach of occupational and psychotherapy, she has developed her knowledge facilitating groups, therapy sessions and home visits to understand the importance of a person’s interaction with their environment. She feels online service have revolutionized eating disorder treatment for some clients by being able to be treated in their own homes. Maxine has within her occupational therapy role also supported people to eat over 1,400 meals.

Maxine’s approach to service design, through recruitment, décor, menus and timetabling, holds clients at its core. Enabling the representation and care of these elements helps the clients’ feel understood and their voices heard. She believes that every person and team member she has ever worked with is unique and she feels this consideration in shaping treatment is one of the most important aspects of service delivery.

Maxine describes how her main aim within her work is to build and continue to develop a safe, supportive, and kind recovery community for the team, clients and their friends and families.


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