Greta is our Intake Co-ordinator and joined the team in 2021! She and Admissions Manager, Ivana, work closely together to respond to enquiries about treatment and support people throughout their admission into Orri.
We sat Greta down to learn more about her role.

Can you take a moment to introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Greta and I’m Orri’s Intake Co-ordinator. I was born in Lithuania and at the age of 14, moved to London. This year is exactly 14 years since I lived in UK and it has raised a question of who am I? If someone asked me where I’m from the answer would be: originally from Lithuania but I call the UK my home – it’s where I belong. I go back to Lithuania to see my family but, feel more like a visitor these days.

How long have you worked for Orri and what were you doing before?

It has been just over 6 months since I joined the team. Before Orri, I was working as a support worker for people with learning disabilities as well as a photographer. I still work in these roles in my free time. I am very passionate at what I do and having more than one job has never been a problem for me as long as I love what I do!

What’s a typical day in the life of an Intake Co-ordinator?

Each day involves responding to the many treatment enquiries we receive from individuals and their loved ones.

I go through every single enquiry and respond sharing as much information as I can to ensure they feel heard, understood and informed. 

Sometimes, I am the first person in many years that they have opened up to, as such, I hold these conversations very tenderly.

No day is the same and no client is the same. For those individual who are ready to start a treatment programme with us, I walk alongside them in the admissions process.

What is your favourite thing about working for Orri?

I love working for Orri because this company truly values its clients and staff. From day one in the company, I felt like part of the family. Met so many professionals who have a passion for their role and take pride in what they do – which is inspiring! It’s always a warm and welcoming environment.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

“When it rains, look for rainbows. When it’s dark look for stars.”

Outside of work, what do you do for your own mental wellbeing?

Outside of work I engage in creative activities including photography, drawing and colouring. I value my time with family and friends too! And just like most of us I like to travel and have recently started exploring more of the UK since flying abroad wasn’t an option during the pandemic.

Above all, I think that positive thinking has improved my mental health a lot and daily gratitude is a must for me. There is always something beautiful in each day, even if it’s just a smiling stranger. When we focus on the good, the good gets better!

If you could say one thing to someone struggling, what would it be?

Talk to someone, no matter how daunting it may feel or however much your voice may shake. The first step is always the hardest, but we are here to support you.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us!