To round off Random Acts of Kindness Week, we’re sharing the acts of kindness that members of our team have done for others.

At Orri, we believe in showing compassion and kindness to all we meet, including ourselves.

Often, when we’re in a difficult space in our lives it can be hard to muster kindness for ourselves. We can hold onto a lot of resentment or judgement for what we’re experiencing, and this can further trap us in this way of being that we want so desperately to come out of.

Kindness is a topic we have discussed before in a previous blog. Often, learning to turn kindness inward involves practicing kindness outward, first. Many of us are aware that true happiness is found and felt from helping others, so what better week to practice this than Random Acts of Kindness Week?

Below, our kind Orri team share their recent random acts of kindness…

Random Act of Kindness: Isobel, Lead Eating Disorder Associate

“I cooked dinner for my flatmate and watched her favourite TV show (Greys Anatomy!)”

Random Act of Kindness: Haley, Lead Clinical Administrator

“I offered to wash a colleague’s mug so they would not have to go back up the stairs.”

Random Act of Kindness: Kendra, Head of Therapies

“I stopped to assist a stranger on the street who appeared lost, and helped them find their way to their appointment.”

Random Act of Kindness: Ellie, Marketing Manager

“I was in a queue for my food shop and I said the person behind me could go in front – I could see they were in a rush so I wanted to help them out.”

Random Act of Kindness: Victoria, Occupational Therapist

“I went out early in the morning this week to Caffe Nero to buy my flatmate a hot chocolate before she started work!”

Random Act of Kindness: Antalia, Community Executive

“I left feel-good sticky note messages around the house for my partner to find – they made him smile.”

We hope these inspire your random acts of kindness, for they do not have to stop after today. You can continue to bring a smile to your loved ones’ face all year through.

Remember, to save some kindness for yourself in your eating disorder recovery too.

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