When planning the reopening of our London centre, we couldn’t help but reflect on the journey we’ve collectively been on as a recovery community over the past year.

Perhaps you’ve been part of our online client community, followed us on social media and watched one of our Instagram Lives, or maybe you’re planning your first step into treatment on Monday. However we’re connected, the pandemic highlighted our yearning and ability to come together, foster genuine hope in recovery, and recover together.

As our CEO and founder, Kerrie, often says: “it takes a village”. So many of us have found strength and inspiration from the people around us, whether that’s been from a specialist therapist, family member, friend or even a pet!

Unfortunately there’s no roadmap for recovery; no set path or checklist to tick off. It’s an individual and personal journey, comprised of your own goals and hopes for life without an eating disorder.

Navigating this alone is hard. It can be messy and chaotic, and at times it can be hard to hold onto hope that you are indeed making progress and putting one foot in front of another.

It might be daunting to imagine leaning on someone throughout this process – particularly if you’ve been tenaciously independent and found some comfort in doing it alone until now. But there can also be such relief found in simply being held and guided during the process of your recovery.

No one should have to recover from their eating disorder alone. As we prepare the building for Monday’s reopening, we’ll be shining a light on how we have been – and always will be – #RecoveringTogether.

How will you keep me safe during in person treatment?

This is a really important question. Safety is the absolute priority at Orri, yet we understand that some clients may be anxious about it and especially if they’ve never visited our London centre before. We want to reassure everyone that we have done everything we can to make Orri safe, for both our clients and our staff.

Click here to learn more about how we’ll keep you safe.

I’ve been isolating for so long, what if I’m nervous about group therapy?

Group therapy is a daunting prospect. Sitting around in a room filled with (initially) strangers and sharing your feelings? That takes courage! We can start that courageous journey by informing ourselves about how group therapy works and what you can expect from the experience.

We spoke to our Senior Psychotherapist about group therapy.

My body has changed so much in lockdown and I’m scared of being seen

Even though the experience of disliking your body feels so isolating, we want to reassure you that you are not alone. Fighting against your physical self is a unique and inescapable battle. It is hard. As such, we’ve collected some tips and advice from our Senior Occupational Therapist, Kendra.

Click here to read Kendra’s tips on dealing with negative body image.

This is my first time accessing support, should I choose online or in person treatment?

Eating disorder treatment should meet you where you are and reflect your individual goals for recovery. All our programmes (online or in person) start at 6-weeks long and are led by a multi-disciplinary team of eating disorder experts within psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, occupational therapy (OT), dietetics and nursing. After 6 weeks, they’re flexible in duration and follow a “stepped approach” that means your programme adapts in line with your recovery.

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