In solidarity with University Mental Health Day this year, we are highlighting the importance of early intervention with eating disorders, and the unique position universities are in to prevent crisis.
For, no student should ever feel alone with their mental health. And no student should ever have to suffer with an eating disorder alone.

Equipping you with the right information

We know that to improve early intervention and access to treatment, we need to improve education around eating disorders.

Since Orri opened in Feb 2019, we’ve met with and trained many university wellbeing teams and GPs in eating disorders, highlighting their risk and sharing practical and helpful insights into how to have difficult conversations and engage people who may be very nervous about receiving support.

We want to empower students and staff to feel confident to ask the right questions and have conversations around eating disorders, as well as offer the skills and knowledge that are needed to support a loved one or signpost for specialist help.

As quoted by UMHD:

We will continue fighting to inspire conversations, take action and create change. Now more than ever it’s important to get the nation talking about student mental health.”

… and so will we!


A guest blogger shares her tips on how to maintain your wellbeing as a student:

  • Keep in touch with your support network from home

  • Similarly, tell your university about your eating disorder

  • Stick with what you know works

  • Put yourself out there

  • Use others as support

  • Have a plan for if things go wrong

  • Make your room a safe space

  • Think about what you want out of uni

You can also refer to our Student Workbook, which includes lots of practical ways to prioritise your eating disorder recovery, as well as a checklist, recipe and lots more!

For parents and carers

Below is our webinar from November last year, where our specialist team discussed how to navigate the conflicting experience of being a parent or carer to someone leaving to university whilst in recovery from an eating disorder.

Eating disorders don’t pause during term time.

A quarter of Orri’s clients are at university or sixth form whilst attending treatment.

We’ve designed an online programme specifically for those who wish to stay at university whilst taking steps in eating disorder recovery. This is a face-to-face, specialist online programme that treats all aspects of the eating disorder, so that you can thrive at university.

Click here to find out more about our online programme. Otherwise, we welcome you to get in touch: email

Do you have any questions? Get in touch with us!