Nia is an Eating Disorder Associate at Orri. To inspire our clients and community in eating disorder recovery, she has written a poem…

You see places and people 

Will only feel as beautiful  

As you’re feeling in yourself  

 With a twinkle in your eye  

The sky  

Might somehow seem much brighter  

Someone’s smile a lot wider  

A hug far softer  

Than it’s felt before  

 Sometimes we have no control  

Over that twinkle in our eye  

It gets extinguished  

By life  

And with that beauty burnt dry  

 But I ask of you not to give up 

Of the wonder all around  

Because you see it’s still there  

The beauty, still surrounds 

 I’m telling you it’s waiting  

Unfortunately, you’ve been blinded by the dark  

For when the twinkle in your eye returns 

You’ll see people and places with a new kind of spark 

I hope over this festive period you realise it’s ok to find days difficult. It’s ok if not everything is merry and bright. If some days feel harder than others.

An eating disorder doesn’t unfortunately take a rest because it’s Christmas. I hope you find the strength to keep going. To trust that the days will get better. To trust that the dark cloud that you’re consumed in will begin to lift and all you will see life in a whole new way.

For today, giving your best is enough. 

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