Orri joins a discussion with leading UK mental health organisations, Wednesday’s Child and Beyond, on how to prepare for university and sustain eating disorder recovery.

It is nearing the end of August, which for many still studying, this will mean the end of the summer holidays and the beginning of a new academic term. It’s a transitional time of year, for all involved with a loved one moving away to university or enrolling on a course – this is a time of change that can stir moments of excitement and feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

At Orri, we understand these moments of transition and change can impact emotions and energy levels. For individuals with eating disorders, even positive change can be difficult to manage and so it is good to consider that even the happiest of moments can still produce unexpected stress on our mental wellbeing and recovery. This is why we are having discussions on preparing and starting university, for these feelings are completely normal and absolutely ok!

We decided to extend our discussions further than the Orri community, and spoke with leading mental health charities, Wednesday’s Child and Beyond.

Preparing for University, a webinar

Orri’s CEO and Founder, Kerrie, along with Orri’s Senior Dietitian, Paula, are joined by Debbie Watson, Founder of Wednesday’s Child, and CEO of Beyond, Louisa Rose, in a free webinar at the end of the month.

They will engage in a panel discussion on the transitional experiences of attending or moving away to university in eating disorder recovery. In the event, they will offer specialist, useful ways to overcome any challenges that may arise to benefit recovery and mental wellbeing for all involved during this time.

“I am looking forward to hosting this collaborative event with Wednesday’s Child and Beyond, as there is a real need for conversation around eating disorders and mental health within this age group. Being a student can be difficult and there can be immense pressure felt, from an individual and from those around them, at this pivotal time in their lives. So, we thought engaging in conversation on recovery with likeminded professionals in the mental health field seemed relevant. At Orri, we are more than just a treatment clinic, but a compassionate, recovery community. Our free events are available for all – for, we believe recovery is and should be for all.” Kerrie Jones, CEO & Founder of Orri

Wondering what will be explored?

Preparing for University:

  • Fear of change: how to cope with transition and tips for preparation
  • The current landscape for young people: the impact of shifting social environments and influences in the development of mental illness

Establishing a new way of life:

  • How to recognise if there is a problem
  • How to seek support
  • Barriers to seeking support and accessing treatment

Recovery, relapse and resilience:

  • How to develop resilience with mental health issues and sustain recovery during relapses;
  • The importance of community and connection
  • Hope

Orri is an impact-led business, meaning we endeavour to support people with eating disorders by collaborating with experts by experience and partners to enhance accessible and quality treatment throughout the UK. This is why we are hosting our collaborative webinar – to widen our expertise on eating disorders and mental health, in the hope that more individuals, families and communities can thrive in recovery.

“I’m really pleased to be collaborating with Orri and Beyond for this series, in particular because listeners of the Wednesday’s Child podcast will know how greatly our ethos focuses on the need for a more ‘joined up’ approach to eating disorder signposting, support and treatment. If we help reduce the anguish and the distress for just one family or individual through this work, then that in itself is a great victory for us all.” Debbie, CEO & Founder of Wednesday’s Child

We want to empower students and staff to feel confident to ask the right questions and have conversations around eating disorders, as well as offer the skills and knowledge that are needed to support a loved one or signpost for specialist help.

“With the effects of the pandemic on young people’s mental health still very prevalent, it’s more important than ever to work together so we can tackle the issue with a joined up approach. I’m delighted to be part of a conversation that seeks to distil knowledge and best practice in digestible chunks like this.” Louisa Rose, CEO of Beyond

Does this webinar sound like it would benefit your recovery? We invite you to register to attend here.

Everyone is welcome to this event, however, it will be particularly useful for students (existing and now starting), parents and carers, individuals attending educational bodies.

Eating disorders don’t pause during term time.

A quarter of Orri’s clients are at university or sixth form whilst attending treatment.

We’ve designed an online programme specifically for those who wish to stay at university whilst taking steps in eating disorder recovery. This is a face-to-face, specialist online programme that treats all aspects of the eating disorder, so that you can thrive at university.

Click here to find out more about our online programme. Otherwise, we welcome you to get in touch: email ask@orri-uk.com.

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